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Thank you, District 15!

I am proud to announce that I have won the Democratic nomination for House District 15!

We couldn't have done it without you—voters, supporters, neighbors, and friends! Together, our campaign is building a movement that will flip this seat and build a better Alaska! 


Hi, I’m Lyn Franks and I’m running for the Alaska State Legislature for House District 15. I’m running because, after the 2016 election, I was moved to become more politically active and become a voice in the legislature to advocate for my community—NE Muldoon.

As I write this, the world is in the middle of a global pandemic. It's more apparent than ever that it's the job of government to provide us with help during crises. We need comprehensive and affordable healthcare for all, and access to widespread COVID-19 testing, including for the uninsured.

I’ve been in Alaska since 1988. My husband at the time and I transferred up here with the Public Health Service. We raised three children here. Now adults, they have children of their own. 

As a former military spouse, I understand the particular needs of military families. The state controls veteran’s funds, coordinates the National Guard, and controls the volunteer State Defense Force. As a legislator I would bring a unique perspective to these important services.

Every election is a choice. This is especially true for 2020. I am an adjunct history instructor at UAA and also an educator in the Anchorage School District. I know from personal experience that the governor’s budget cuts are hurting, at every level, our educators, our children, and our community. We need to strengthen not abandon, as Governor Dunleavy has done, the promise of public education.  

The majority of the people in the district also want to see more effort from this administration on crime prevention. It’s no secret that the Governor’s budget cuts have hamstrung the state’s ability to investigate crimes and prosecute criminals in a timely manner.

And we all know these budget cuts are connected to the $1.3B in tax credits they give to the oil companies every year—which hurts our Permanent Fund Dividend checks and our standard of living. Oil and gas companies need to pay their fair share.

I will work with other stakeholders to expand new, sustainable energy industries that Alaska will need in the very near future. This issue isn’t just about energy, either—it’s about JOBS!

Healthy economies, happy people, and clean and safe environments make up thriving and prosperous communities. Building thriving communities in our neighborhoods means to change the way we have always done business. Today, with a changing climate that is disrupting people’s lives, our solutions need to be significant and immediate. We must encourage business growth that is committed to promoting sustainability and living wages, while creating long lasting jobs for Alaskans.

When I’m in Juneau, I will work hard for my district and the state. Additionally, I will be one more vote to override the Governor’s vetoes—vetoes that have already hurt our working families. 



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