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I'm Lyn Franks and I am running for State House, District 15, because Northeast Anchorage desperately needs a representative who understands the residents of our district and the needs of all Alaskans. My priority in Juneau will be to work with my colleagues for a sustainable state budget that includes solid, fair, broad-based revenue streams. Balancing the budget solely on the backs of hard-working Alaskan families is no solution. A balanced budget is essential for a robust economy and to maintain the integrity of the Permanent Fund now and for future generations.

As an educator, I have worked with hundreds of students from every background, neighborhood and walk-of-life. There is no better feeling than helping these bright young people realize their full potential. And, as a community activist, I have advocated for issues that are important to our community and state.

If you need any more convincing that I have the strength, the fire, and the persistence to get things done, I've also competed in multiple triathlons - and finished every one!

Achieving sensible public policy to benefit all Alaskans is my goal. Helping Alaskans reach their full potential is my life's work.


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