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Red Carpet Fundraiser

Thank you to Matt Rhoades for the wonderful photos!
Karol Libbey and Judy Williams Karol Libbey walking the Red Carpet!
Terry Harris and Catherine Clay on the Red Carpet! Pete Petersen on his Red Carpet stroll.
The one and only - MoHagani Magnetek! MoHagani Magnetek-owning the Red Carpet!
The inimitable Kay Brown! Pat Dooley-the event's fabulous host!
Nobody out struts Frank Mabry! Celeste Mandley walking the Red Carpet!
Robert Karabelnikoff on the Red Carpet! Nobody enjoys an event more than Joni Bruner!
Pixie and Carl Siebe strolling into the party! The talented Lizzie Newell!
Nobody does it like Katherine Pfeiffer! Lyn and Katherine! Cheers!
Lyn and Pat! Mary Shallert finds time with Lyn!
Frank Mabry and Marty Margeson. She's enjoying the marvelous barbecued salmon that Frank brought! Clayton Miears and Catherine Clay! Family!
Tasha Hotch on the Red Carpet! Marty Margeson looking good!
Clayton finds something to smile about! Erik Gunderson making his way to the Red Carpet!
Balloons make everything festive! The Banana Punch was a big hit!
It's all about communication! Is Lyn telling Terry a fish story?
Erik talks with Katie, our youngest volunteer! Clayton and Terry enjoying the company and the food!
Erik knows exactly where to donate! Katherine and Erik seem deep in conversation.
A good time was had by all! Pat and Marty know the best place at a party is in the kitchen!
Don't worry, Katie's drink is just punch! Katie's really fun and smart. It's encouraging to see young people getting engaged.
Frank's barbecued fish was absolutely fabulous!


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